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To undertake a web project is not trivial, you guessed it! Before embarking, some of you would like to get answers about the relevance, appropriateness of such a project for your business and primarily what will be the final cost?

Web Expert Office helps you throughout the whole process, from the initial idea to its realization. The first step will be meeting with our team to define your project. At the end of this meeting, which will give you specific answers, you will have a clearer understanding of the project approach.

Our support is done in several ways, according to a well-defined method where you, your business, and your partners become "actors", an integral part of the project approach.

  Our approach :
  During a first meeting, we will discuss the following concepts :

  1. Issues, objectives, and characteristics of your web project.

  2. Means and resources that Web Expert Office will utilize.

  3. Constraints, and trade-offs as part of your web project.

  4. Causes of change (site abandoned, etc...) for a web project.

  5. Conduct and life cycle of a web project.

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Our approach ensures didactic and pedagogical aspects and acquires these notions.

Subsequently, we will continue the exchange by performing a preliminary study of your project. Upon collection of the information, we will draft the specifications.

This first document will lay the foundation for your project. A real roadmap of your project; it details the work and the conditions under which they will take place. It allows you to confidently decide to engage in the process that we propose, to choose providers, website design tools, and sign contracts with the right people.

Conception de votre site web

 Nous procédons selon des phases définies comme suit :

  • Design,

  • Realization,

  • On-line launch,

  • Site operations.

These phases can then take a few days or several weeks depending on the final size of your project. Step by step, according to a specific timetable, our team will work to develop and boost your web project. Our experts will inform you of the developments and progress of the project in great detail.

A daily guide for monitoring of your project!

Whatever choice you have made for the design of your website, external services or Pool development of Web Expert Office, we guarantee the monitoring and completion of the project in a timely manner.

Thereafter, Web Expert Office will guide you in conducting your project daily through our training.


Things to know !

  As part of a web project and before sending it to an external service provider, a few steps must be observed.
  You will need to :

  1. Analyze your abilities, strengths and weaknesses within the structure.

  2. Define the contours of the project and the resources to be allocated.

  3. Find and compare providers and their services.

  4. Be able to follow the implementation of the project.

  5. Think about training for optimal use on a daily basis.

  6. Allow evaluation (objectives achieved, etc…).

  7. Support the project’s new developments.

Définir un projet web

Ensure that your website is updated

You already have a website but you have very little time to deal with it?

Web Expert Office is responsible for updating, maintaining and programming its evolution !

A solution and a personalized response is given to everyone !

For more information, do not hesitate to continue exploring our site and our services. You can also contact us to share your project. Leave us a message via our contact form or by email to - We will respond promptly. Thank you for your trust!

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