Our quality approach

 Our quality is based on our key values :

1. Respecting customers and frankness,

2. Professionalism and satisfaction,

3. Proximity and human structure,

4. Listening and communication,

5. Quality Guaranteed!

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Our priority, respect and customer satisfaction :

Web Expert Office considers customer satisfaction as a moral obligation and places that value on top of its objectives :

  • Customer satisfaction is a professional duty and commercial obligation.

  • Web Expert Office can not afford to jeopardize its reputation.

  • Your satisfaction is vital to us.


Web Expert Office is a company that prioritizes focusing on human contact, customer satisfaction, and quality references. We commit to put all our energy, our expertise and know-how at the service of an adapted and optimized quality while always seeking perfection.


A technical guaranty :

In order to guaranty a quality of proximity, Web Expert Office has chosen to remain a human structure. We remain in charge of our technical and strategic choices while being close to our customers; this is one of our values

We guaranty and distinguish :Picto Web Expert Office

  • Our own expertise and skills! Web Expert Office has established active monitoring, coupled with its diverse experience of the web, enabling to offer its services in compliance with standards, proper use and best practices of today's Web.

  • The expertise, professionalism and skills of partners that some aspects of the projects can be delegated. Our network is constantly improving and includes professionals experienced in developing projects on the web: developers, designers, webmasters, translators, editors, illustrators, photographers ... for each corresponding need for the project, our network has an appropriate collaborator.


Our strength, customized and adapted project management :

Due to its experience and expertise, Web Expert Office fully masters project management methodology. For greater ease, we have developed a methodology and process for each project and each client. This perfectly clear methodology allows everyone to follow and thus ensure the smooth running of a project.

Our quality also guarantees you have the best tools, constantly updated by our active standby. Web Expert Office daily adapts to the most current technologies, improves and creates them as needed. We have a pool of developers capable of performing prowess !


Web Expert Office in action !

Very simply, in practice, Web Expert Office will always provide you with a quote accurately describing the terms of our intervention: the benefits and details of services, timeline, rates, terms, conditions and disclaimer.

Concretely, in terms of payment, maturities will be staggered according to each phase of the project’s progression. Each phase requires validation from the client. In practice, this is very simple, the client is involved with the team working to develop the project, maximizing communication, and boosting the project with optimized result !


You'll never feel set aside; this is your project- you lead !

We offer our customers an expert eye to guide them and help them make the right choices to achieve their project. We obviously do not impose any decision and systematically expose all options, even those that do not meet initial expectations of the customer. And we will stand our ground! Our expert eye knows what a project needs to be implemented. Trust us, the experience speaks for us. But as we never impose a choice or a decision, the final decision is always the client’s.

At Web Expert Office the customer is king !


Because one of our values ​​besides respect is openness, we prefer direct exchanges with no trivialities. For a society advocating the proximity between client and   project stakeholders this is surely the key to bring a project to successful completion.

And because we have a good knowledge of project management, we know it can happen, however, fortunately rare, a customer does not wish to continue a project. In this case, no problem, it is possible to leave the project at any stage- that is also customer satisfaction.


Our quality approach commits us to guaranteed satisfaction !


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